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DNFT Table

DNFT Directional Non-Force Technique Chiropractic Table

a 3955.00 €

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HA90C table HA90C Chiropractic Table

Chiropractor adjustable table height with optional manual Drops

Starting at 3675.00 €

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AirDrop HA90C Air Drop HA90C Chiropractic

Chiropractic Adjusting Elevation Table, four standard Air-Drops

Starting at 7310.00 €

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Air-Flex Table Air-FlexII Flexion Drop Table

Chiropractic Air Powered Flexion & Distraction w/ optional Air Drops

Starting at 7250.00 €

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McKenzie Flexion, Extension, Passive Range of Motion,...

Starting at 10095.00 €
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Man AFT AFT Automatic Flexion Table

Variable Speed Automatic Motorized Flexion Table, optional Manual Drops

Starting at 6750.00 €

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Air AFT Air-Drop AFT Auto Flexion

Variable Speed Automatic Motorized Flexion with four standard Air Drops

Starting at 10895.00 €

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Anatomotor Anatomotor Traction Table

Roller Massage, Lumbar & Cervical Traction, Passive Range of Motion

Starting at 3695.00 €

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ST2 Anatomotor Stationary Anatomotor

Roller Massage and Spinal Mobilization in a 6´ 3" space

Starting at 4150.00 €

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HA90AM HiLo HA90AM & Hi Lo

For use with ACTIVATOR

Starting at 3770.00 €

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