Hill Air-Drop HA90C Chiropractic Table

If you have used a manual drop table for any length of time, then you’ll appreciate the impressive speed and ease of treating with the Air-Drop HA90C. Equipped with the Hill Air-Drop System, the HA90C allows doctors to select one or up to four drops simultaneously from the convenient, side-mounted, control panel. Once a section has been dropped, it is instantly reset with the simple touch of a foot pedal.

Like all Hill Adjustables, the Air-Drop HA90C has electric adjustable-height. Height is adjusted with a rocker foot pedal that is mounted to the base and can be accessed from either side of the table. An operating range from 60 to 84 cm or 55 to 79 cm allows the doctor to work at a comfortable treatment level.


  • Starting at 7310.00 € Excl TAX

Color of the table base and the upholstery to be defined

  • Height controlled by Rocker Foot Pedal
  • Height Range from 55 à 80 cm
    (Higher starting heights also available)
  • Width 60 cm, Length 190 cm
  • Armrests, Face cut-out 33 cm,Paper Roll, Cutter
  • Tilting Headpiece, 30° Positive and Negative Tilt
  • Air-Powered Thoracic Spring Breakaway
  • Air Cervical Dual Drop Headpiece
    (Straight Down and Forward Motion)
  • 3 Drops : Air Thoracic Drop, Air Lumbar Drop , Air Pelvic Drop
  • Power Foot-Strips (trigger drops)
  • Drop-Away Foot Section
  • Choice of 20 vinyl colors for the top
  • Beige, Grey or Black base with acrylic thermo-plastic cover
  • One-year warranty on all parts (repair in return workshop)


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Section Headpiece

  • F14S Manual Cervical Drop Substitute

    -150.00 +

    Price reduction for manual drop option return

  • F15 Raised Headpiece Recommended

    370.00 +

    The Headrest mounts up to 12.7 cm above the surface of the table

  • F22 Flexion Headpiece

    495.00 +

    A manual pneumatic flexion headpiece that can be combined with either a manual or air dual drop.

  • 92D Toggle Height Switch

    100.00 +

    The Toggle Height Switch is usually added in addition to the height foot pedal to control the height by hand (though it can be added to control other functions). It mounts under any cushion. Like a foot pedal, it activates when pressed, has "up" on one side, "down" on the other, and neutral in the middle.

  • F21 CBP Headpiece

    485.00 +

    Used for physical Bio Chiropractic including translational and lateral flexion functions. Requires the purchase of option # F15.  Not available with F22

Section Cushions

  • 86 Pelvic Drop

    465.00 +

    Equipped with an easy-lifting cocking handle and crisp drop.

  • AD303 Raised Pelvic Section

    258.00 +

    Sube y bloquea hasta 13 cm.

  • AD87A Slide-Out & Raised Ankle

    205.00 +

    Adjusts up to 8" in height and extends to 12" from the end of the table.
    (Substitute for the included drop-away foot option)

  • 80 Removable width extensions

    264.00 +

    8 cm x 53cm. Adds 15cm to the width of the table. Used for massage therapy.

  • 97- 27 inch width (68.5CM)*

    130.00 +

    27 inch wide cushions (standard is 24 inches),(not recommended for doctors under 6 feet tall or with limited reach) * Transport costs import in addition of 300 € excl tax

  • 140 Finesse Tricot Material Recommended

    305.00 +

    Foam-backed, puncture-resistant with the look and feel of fine leather. Please see color chart for details.

section Foot & hand controls

  • 92B Auto-Touch Foot Pedal

    206.00 +

    This feature changes the standard "press-and-hold" function of your HEIGHT foot pedal to a "tap-and-release" function instead. For example: With table at the lowest height, tap-and-release the "UP" arrow to start the upward height motion. The table will continue to rise until the pedal is tapped a second time. Can be applied to a corded OR a Rocker Foot Pedal.

  • 92-AH Extra Foot Pedal for Air-control at the Head-end

    120.00 +

    Additional foot pedal added to the head-end of the table to control the air pressure.

  • 92-AF Extra Foot Pedal for Air-control at the Foot-end

    135.00 +

    Additional foot pedal added to the foot-end of the table to control the air pressure.

section base

  • 93 Caster System for mobility Recommended

    340.00 +

    Makes moving the table easy. Engaged with a foot lever on both ends of the table. Not an option with adjustable feet.

  • AD305 Extra Control Box

    352.00 +

    Additional control box mounted on the other side of the table.

  • AIRHA90C 220 Volt CE

    297.00 +

    220-volt power supply for the electrical circuit intended for use outside the United States

  • APC-852137 Power Regulator *

    129.00 +

    Electric voltage regulator, protects the electronics of the table in the event of electric overvoltages.

Section Maintenance and accessories AIRHA90C

  • 48 Single Seat Belt

    75.00 +

    Adds a strong, click-to-lock seatbelt, for securing the patient around the waist during treatment.

  • 85TB 16x20 (51x41 cm) Thoracic Board

    98.00 +

    The thoracic board is used to lay over the thoracic section and create a firm surface for manipulation. Board dimensions are 20" x16" (51x41 cm) and upholstered to match your table.
    Thoracic board

  • 150 Gas-powered Stool

    195.00 +

    Exam Stool
    Hill Exam Stools can be upholstered in a variety of colors to match your Hill Treatment table and office decor. Our stools features a professional standard design and pneumatic (gas-powered) adjustable height controlled by a lever.
    More details

  • 151 Gas-powered Stool with back

    265.00 +

    Exam Stool Hill Exam Stools can be upholstered in a variety of colors to match your Hill Treatment table and office decor. Our stools features a professional standard design and pneumatic (gas-powered) adjustable height controlled by a lever.
    More details

  • 136 Hill Upholstery Cleaner

    57.00 +

    Hill Laboratories Leather and Vinyl Cleaner conditions and cleans, keeping your table looking like new. 4 - 22oz spray bottles/case.

  • H7144 Disinfectant Spray

    62.00 +

    Protex® is a one-step cleaner/disinfectant, effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens, including MRSA, HIV, Staph and COVID-19.

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Hill HA90C Air Drop Chiropractic Table
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